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  1. LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT TURKEY: Send them off smiling with a lunch you’ll feel great about with Schneiders® Country Naturals turkey made with natural ingredients and no preservatives* added and real marble and cheddar cheese piled on top of wheat crackers (8 of each)! And for dessert? A convenient Del Monte® fruit salad! A delicious lunch and a source of Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C!

  2. LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT HAM: 8 Schneiders® Country Naturals ham slices with natural ingredients and no preservatives added*, wheat crackers and real marble and cheddar cheese cubes makes this classic combination a hit with kids and moms! It’s a great tasting lunch and a source of Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C! Top it off with a ready-to-eat Del Monte® fruit salad!

  3. LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT CHICKEN: Get them through their busy school day with 8 Schneiders® Country Naturals oven roasted chicken breast slices with natural ingredients and no preservatives added* between wheat crackers and cubes of marble and cheddar cheese! This yummy lunch is also a source of Calcium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C! Complete the meal with a side of delicious fruit salad from Del Monte®!

  4. LUNCHMATE® + FRUIT 2 CHEESE PIZZA: Now you can both get excited for lunchtime with 3 delicious mini pizza crusts topped with tasty tomato sauce and real cheddar and mozzarella cheese! End lunch on a happy note with a Del Monte® fruit salad! All in all, this makes for great lunchtime fun and a source of Fibre, Vitamin A and Vitamin C!

The Lunchmate you know and love has a new look but the same great taste!

  1. LUNCHMATE® HAM STACKERS: Ham it up at lunch! Whole wheat crackers await your combination of cheddar cheese and ham slices to stack with a smile. A source of calcium, fibre, and iron that gets even sweeter with a Kit Kat® bar for dessert.

  2. LUNCHMATE® TURKEY STACKERS: A lunch they’ll gobble up! Tasty turkey meets swiss cheese and whole wheat crackers (8 of each) for a stacking that’s worth crunching. Enjoy a Kit Kat® bar too with this source of calcium, iron and fibre.

  3. LUNCHMATE® BOLOGNA STACKERS: Pile up the fun with this meaty, cheesy, easy to please lunch! Create combos of bologna, cheese, and whole wheat crackers (8 of each) to make these stackers with a smile. Take a break from building with a Kit Kat® bar to complete your fun source of iron, calcium and fibre.

  4. LUNCHMATE® KIELBASSA STACKERS: Passa the Kielbassa! Mouth watering mozzarella cheese meets tasty Kielbassa sausage slices on 8 whole wheat crackers for a lunchtime stack-a-thon. And celebrate your stacking with a Kit Kat® bar. A source of calcium, iron, fibre, and fun.

  5. LUNCHMATE® SUMMER SAUSAGE STACKERS: Summer Sausage meat slices brighten up the meal, whether stacked with mozzarella and whole wheat crackers or enjoyed one at a time. Lunch is made complete with a chocolatey Kit Kat® bar too. A source of calcium, fibre, and iron.

  6. LUNCHMATE® NACHOS: Take the fun of lunch up a notch with Nachos! It’s a source of fibre, vitamin A, and calcium. This product includes torilla chips, salsa and cheese sauce! There is also a Nerds® treats to make it even more fun!

  7. LUNCHMATE® PEPPERONI PIZZA: Pep-up the party at lunch with pizza that pleases! Tasty tomato sauce, mouthwatering mozzarella, and three crusts await the placing of perfect pepperoni to create pizza with a source of calcium, fibre, and iron. SweeTarts® candies finish the feast for a treat that’s fun to eat.

  8. LUNCHMATE® 2 CHEESE PIZZA: These pizzas deliver on taste! Create something fun with 3 crusts, tomato sauce, mozzarella and cheddar. A source of fibre, calcium and vitamin A...not to mention a treat of SweeTarts® to top it off!

  9. LUNCHMATE® HOTDOGS: Fun in a bun! Heat up lunchtime happiness with 3 mini hotdogs in delicious Dempster’s® buns. Get silly and squeeze on some Heinz® Ketchup and Mustard to sauce things up with a side of Humpty Dumpty Potato Sticks. A good source of energy, fibre, and iron.

  10. LUNCHMATE® MINI BURGERS: You’ll flip over this variety! Two beefy burgers ready for fun in the bun, and Heinz® Ketchup and Mustard await to customize your creation. A source of iron and energy, only Allan® Peach Slices Candy could make this a peachier pick for lunch.

  11. LUNCHMATE® DUNKERS KETCHUP: Tomato ketchup creates the classic complement to 5 wholesome white-meat chicken nuggets. After dipping, dessert is served with SweeTarts® to make this meal a dunker’s delight!

  12. LUNCHMATE® DUNKERS PLUM: Dive into goodness, with 5 wholesome white-meat chicken nuggets and plenty of plum dipping sauce. We sweeten the deal with SweeTarts® to make this meal an experience worth clucking about!

  13. LUNCHMATE® MINI CHICKEN BURGER: Check out this chicken! Two chicken patties made with white meat and buns ready for the fun of being smothered in mayo and Heinz® ketchup, for a savory source of energy. Don’t count your chickens yet; we added Allan® Peach Slices candies too!

  14. LUNCHMATE® FLATBREAD PIZZA: Flat-out fantastic pizza slices are waiting your creation with 3 whole wheat crusts, tomato sauce, and mouthwatering mozzarella. A source of fibre, iron, and calcium that’s made even more ‘yum’ with Sour Juicy Blues candies.

* beyond those naturally occurring preservatives & nitrites in the ingredients

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